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Diligence and dedication are traits that helped us to continue succeeding over the years and to meet our clients ‘requirements. Contact us now and take advantage of our wide range of services carried out by a cadre of engineers and workers to ensure that your equipment and tools do not fail during operating time.

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About Short Way

We provide you with Services ,Support and also working to expand our operations to realistically achieve your goals with future possibilities without any adverse obstacles. Short Way is your best choice definitely


Servicing You Is OurMilestone

Thanks to our clients, we have reached the pinnacle of success; therefore, we are making efforts to meet their needs of examine and resolve of all International Brands of Reciprocating& Centrifugal compressors, maintaining and repairing its spare parts with high quality. We work to provide you a unique service ,which is difficult to obtain anywhere else, through an exceptional distinguished team. Our slogan is “Value for Price” so we combine Excellence, and rapid response to the requirements at competitive prices.

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The no. 1 in efficiency, power, and performance Throughout the world, professionals of all sectors trust in highly efficient water-jetting systems and accessories from DYNAJET. Our innovative high-pressure units, offering a working pressure of up to 3,000 bar (43,500 PSI), impress not only with their all-round deployability, but also with their extreme cost-effectiveness, absolute reli- ability, and uncompromising quality.

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We supply a safe, cost effective, and environmentally-sound technology to our clients. Pigg® decoking/descaling processes effectively clean fired heaters and delayed cookers in oil refineries and bitumen upgraders. Using a closed loop, self-contained hydraulic system, and bidirectional process, SHORTWAY. removes scale and coke buildup from multiple process lines including convection sections, external cross over lines, coke transfer lines and other sections for the guaranteed removal of all deposits.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning with High Pressure Water Jet Process

High pressure water jetting can be used for heat exchanger cleaning. Deposits and other particles can get lodged in the heat exchanger tubing, reducing the efficiency of heat transfer. Any reduction can result in higher expenditures for the operator. Use DYNAGET water jetting equipment to keep your heat exchanger running at its full efficiency. Typically, a high-pressure water jet heat exchanger cleaning system involves a small nozzle placed on the end of either a rigid tube or a flexible hose. The high-pressure water jet removes scale, rust, residue, and other deposits. The waste is washed away with the water.

Our Services

Your satisfaction is a testament to our performance. Join now our wide network of clients and get our best services


Because safety is the essence and basis of any success, we are keen to provide our customers with the best practices in the areas of safety, health and the environment within Short Way Company, and the following are the benefits that make our company an ideal choice for you:

  • Providing a wide range of services in the petroleum and gas, construction and energy fields.
  • Assisting you with piping, rotating, and stationary equipment maintenance and repair.
  • Providing services by a chosen group of engineers with ASME and API certificates.
  • Providing high-quality engineering services in compliance with environmental health and safety standards.
  • Keeping up with current events in order to provide our valued customers with the best services.
  • Creating job opportunities and training for mechanical engineers.
  • We use tools, machinery, lubricants and machinery appropriate for vehicles.

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The client is our company’s most important visitor

Our client is the driving force behind our expansion. We are here to help you, and we would appreciate the opportunity to serve you in all aspects of oil and gas and Reciprocating & Centrifugal compressors.


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