Our company “Short Way” was incorporated by a group of expert mechanical engineers that are seeking a long-term vision to meet the increasing demands of the civil, mechanical, and petroleum sectors through market understanding and rapid response. As a result, we strive to improve global market services and the environment for the power and gas pressure industries by adhering to safety guidelines. We also provide a full range of sales and repair services for well-known brands of engines and compressors in order to improve their useful life and replace worn-out parts in order to optimize equipment performance.


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Our Vision

  • Since our incorporation tilltoday, we have been developing ideas, constructing projects, achievingprogress.Our vision is represented as follows:
    • Providing the mostsignificant and distinguished solutions for the advancement of energy and its industrial facilities.
    • Bringing together talents and competent leaders in order to be a role model and the first choice for anyone looking forpetroleum and gas services.
    • Seeking to be the ideal partner for our former, current, and prospective clients, starting from Iraq and progressing to the rest of the world.
    • Developing solutions for dynamic and economic work that are consistent with our values ​​to fulfill the needs of our customers.
    • Being the first to help you achieve your goals anytime today, tomorrow, and forever.

Our Mission

  • Providing the most advanced and sustainable solutions,as well as developing and expanding your ideas.
  • Relying on human and technological creativity; To make better use of clean energy resources.
  • Providing clean energy; To fulfill the increasing needs.
  • Providing innovative and creative solutions regarding maintenance services to help in success.

global climate and energy transition

The world needs urgent action to achieve net-zero emissions and the more ambitious goal of the Paris Agreement: to limit the rise in average global temperature to 1.5° Celsius.

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