• Does the company provide maintenance and inspection services for compressors?

    Yes, our company is one of the best leaders in the maintenance and inspection of parts for compressors and motors of the most famous brands. For more information about Reciprocating & Centrifugal compressors service, please contact us.

  • Why Short Way Company?

    Short Way’s engineers professional and technicians ensure work efficiency and equipment productivity by utilizing the latest technology and complying with safety standards.

  • What is the Fastest Way to Contact the Short Way Team?

    For urgent communication with our team, please contact us at: • WhatsApp.: +964 750 020 2526. • Tel. No.: +964 773 322 2526. • E-mail: : hr@shortwaycompany.com

  • What are our companies’ social media platforms?

    You can communicate with the Short Way customer service team through the following social media platforms: • YouTube. • LinkedIn. • Instagram. • Twitter. • Facebook.

  • How many hours does Short Way Company work?

    We always work to support our customers 24/7 to answer all inquiries by technically trained staff.

  • What is the cost of services at Short Way Company?

    There is no fixed price list for maintenance and inspection services since equipment malfunctions vary according to their types. But in general, if you want to know the cost of your service, please contact us, and our team will respond to you as fast as possible.

  • Where is the company headquarters?

    Our team works daily at the following headquarters: Iraq/ Erbil

  • What are Short Way’s main services?

    1) Rotating equipment inspection and maintenance: • Compressors. • Pumps. • Alignment. 2) Static equipment inspection and maintenance: • Vessels. • Heat exchanger. 3) Instrument dep. To view more details about our services, please click on “Our Services”

  • Are the services’ prices costly?

    We are committed to quality for price in our company, as well as we are always looking for the perfect solution to ensure the work efficiency for our customers without any malfunctions that affect productivity at competitive prices.

  • Does the company have safety and security certificates?

    Yes, our goal is not only to provide profitable services, but also to strive to protectfacilities and workers under the following environmental safety programs: • ISO 9001:2015. • ISO 14001:2015. • ISO 45001:2018.